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 DOMENIQUE graduated from the Arts Educational Schools London in 2015, with a BA (Hons.) Acting.

After severe bullying, Domenique helped write and work on a short anti-bullying film which was showcased to schools nation wide within the country to tackle bullying and gun crime. Recognising her efforts, she was nominated for The Princess Diana Award, in which she was then awarded at BAFTA, London. She was 13 years of age. Since, she has become an Ambassador for the foundation, giving public talks with the BBC, BBC Three, The Victoria Derbyshire Show, The Daily Mail, The Daily Star, UnityXtra TV and Radio, Spotlight, Leukaemia Care as well as training students in schools around the country to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors themselves, as well as at 10 Downing Street, with members of the Royal Family and currently working with the Walt Disney Company's mental health scheme, TRUST and MQ Mental Health, in which she is also an Ambassador for.

Domenique's passion for raising awareness for Leukaemia Care came about due to her father being diagnosed with leukaemia when she was young. He was given ten years to live but due to the hard work, care and commitment from the doctors and nurse staff at Nottingham City Hospital, he fought and survived. Since, Domenique and her family have raised over £50,000 for various Leukaemia Causes.

Domenique entered Miss England to give a voice for those who do not have one and to educate, encourage and empower. For Domenique, Miss England is an opportunity to show other women and young girls around the world that no matter where you've come from, no matter what you've been through, everything makes you stronger and your journey is just that, yours.

Domenique works as a professional actress, empowerment public speaker on media platforms, schools, within corporation and businesses, as well as being a writer and presenter - covering topics from body image, being safe on and offline, as well as the link between physical and mental health - encouraging and inspiring audiences to be the best they can be.