© 2017 Domenique Fragale


Deputy CEO - The Diana Award

Domenique has become a valued asset to our Diana Award office for over 12 years, as not only an Award Holder, but an Ambassador and public advocate promoting our cause wherever she can. Her presence has always been known as giving, friendly and without a doubt always there on help to benefit others.

The Anti-Bullying Campaign aims to reducing bullying and create a better environment for all. We were introduced to several further schools to do this - this would not have been made possible without Domenique’s hard work and determination.


Theatre & TV Director

Domenique demonstrates a strong and admirable work ethic. She carries herself well and is distinctively driven. Her passion and knowledge is prominent, her drive undoubtable but what stood out for me most was her genuine care. She wanted to get to know me; listened and asked cultured questions that she knew would not only benefit her, but would share that knowledge to the rest of the world.

We have remained in contact since and she is a pleasure to be around; evokes enthusiasm with all she comes across and appears to combine popularity with effectiveness.


The range and temperament I have seen from Domenique makes me confident that she would be an asset to the Industry and I look forward to following her career more. I recommend her without reservations.


Former Communications Manager, Spotlight

Domenique is a true asset.

I am impressed by her pro-active and professional attitude, and value how she is able to use her own experience and communicate it in a way that others can learn from.

Her writing is observant, she's full of great advice and informative. She understands what audiences are looking for and shows genuine care Each post she writes for us receives a high click-through rate from our community, and positive feedback from our followers. They enjoy hearing a genuine ‘voice’, who is also having the same experiences as them. 

She's a driven individual and is constantly building on her industry networking. She's warm, receptive, and an enthusiastic individual.


She is a joy to work with.